Sanctions and the Internet Report is Out!

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Digital Medusa is a boutique advisory focusing on digital governance and its implications for our legal and social systems. Digital Medusa provides commercial and non-commercial organizations with trusted, novel, and sound governance mechanisms that do not repeat mistakes of the past.

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Mobilize Digital Governance

Digital Medusa forms and facilitates coalitions and initiatives that mobilize actors in the digital governance space, helps existing initiatives to mobilize civil society and other actors to join their initiative, and contributes to digital governance issues that organizations around the world are tackling.

Research Digital Governance

Digital Medusa’s research focuses on emerging issues related to the legal and social implications of digital technology and governance. It conducts independent qualitative and quantitative research, as well as quick-hit research that synthesizes scholarly work on a specific digital governance issue.


Design Digital Governance

Digital Medusa works with commercial and non-commercial organizations to design good governance processes for platforms, to measure the impact of governance activities on the users and the world, and to reform and remediate adverse governance practices for the benefit of the organization, platform, and users.

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