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Open source digital governance is the talk of town these days. The Internet community has been focusing on sharing best practices and solutions to governance problems openly. Practitioners and scholars have advocated for the concept of open source tools in trust and safety. Some tech-companies have READ MORE
 Posted by Farzaneh Badii
From a quick Google Search, one can uncover hundreds of best practices in the field of trust and safety that will help keep users safe on the Internet while browsing, dating or  purchasing goods. Since economically and technically it can be challenging for tech companies READ MORE
 Posted by Shubhi Mathur
Editor’s Note: This blog was published by the National Democratic Institute  The policies and products of major tech platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube receive a significant amount of attention and engagement from researchers, journalists, and civil society organizations alike. The National Democratic READ MORE
 Posted by Farzaneh Badii
Just recently, Bluesky -the decentralized social network running on an open protocol called AT Protocol- announced that as a mechanism for supporting its business financially, it will directly sell domain names as handles for its users. The sales will be processed through an Internet Corporation READ MORE
 Posted by Farzaneh Badii
Did you know that we are swimming in Domain Name System abuse? As an Internet user, you probably were not aware. Apparently, doomsday is near and the Internet is going to explode in our face if we do not do something about “domain name system READ MORE
 Posted by Farzaneh Badii
The World Economic Forum published a report in 2019 that tackled the importance of building beneficial and reliable governance standards for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Of course, obtaining proper governance within the complex environment of regulatory bodies, private companies, and the speed at which technology READ MORE
 Posted by Angie Orejuela
Cross-border data flows and, as a result, the global Internet are being threatened by usual and unusual suspects. Some nation-states have proposed for some time digital sovereignty laws. But now, even governments that have been advocates for the global Internet are changing course. Think tanks READ MORE
 Posted by Farzaneh Badii
Digital Medusa supports stakeholders outreach and engagement activities for Digital Trust and Safety Partnership. The activities entail liaising with civil society, academics, governments and external stakeholders. The outreach and engagement takes place through a series of workshops, one-on-one meetings with various stakeholders, taking part and READ MORE
 Posted by Farzaneh Badii
This syllabus was designed for the United Nations Internet Governance Forum. The syllabus is an advisory document that may guide those who wish to convene a school or teach Internet governance, or know more about the structure of IG courses.In addition to explaining how the READ MORE
 Posted by Farzaneh Badii
From January 15 to May 31, 2022, the Working Group on Crisis Response Protocols (CRWG) – a subgroup of the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism (GIFCT) – met with stakeholders across civil society organizations, governments, academics and companies (through a series of individual and READ MORE
 Posted by Farzaneh Badii
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