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Here is the list of some of the research that Farzaneh Badiei has done in the past. The Digital Medusa research will also appear on this page.
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Global Internet and Global Security

Columbia Journal of International Affairs, Farzaneh Badiei, 2023

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The Would-Be Technocracy:

Evaluating Efforts to Control Social Change with Internet Protocol Design
Journal of Information Policy, Farzaneh Badiei and Bradley Fidler, 2021

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Sanctions and the Internet

Farzaneh Badiei, 2023

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The Tale of Telegram Governance

When the Rule of Thumb Fails
Justice Collaboratory, Yale Law School, Farzaneh Badiei, 2020

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Using Online Arbitration in E-Commerce Disputes

A Study on B2B, B2C and C2C Disputes, International Journal of Online Dispute Resolution
Farzaneh Badiei, 2015

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Sovereignty and Property Rights

Conceptualizing the Relationship between ICANN, ccTLDs and National Governments Milton Mueller, Farzaneh Badiei, Columbia Journal of Law and Technology Review, 2017 

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Requiem for a Dream

On Advancing Human Rights through Internet Architecture, Oxford Internet Policy Journal, Milton Mueller, Farzaneh Badiei, 2018

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Mapping the Cybersecurity Institutional Landscape

Journal of Digital Policy, Regulation and Governance, 19(6), pp.466–492. Brenden Kuerbis and Farzaneh Badiei, 2017

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Inventing Internet Governance: The Historical Trajectory of the Phenomenon and the Field

MIT Press, Milton L. Mueller and Farzaneh Badiei, 2021

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Cyber Attribution: Can a New Institution Achieve Transnational Credibility?

The Cyber Defense Review 4, Issue 1, Mueller, Milton, Karl Grindal, Brenden Kuerbis, and Farzaneh Badiei, 2019

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